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FongyPhonics is a reading scheme in a series of books which are decodable readers. Each book, introduces a new grapheme(s) i.e. letter or letter groups. This new phoneme (sound) when synthetically blended with previously learnt sounds makes new words. In each book, the phonemes in each of the new words must be built up and blended all through the word. This cuts out guessing, teaches spelling at the same time as reading and teaches the student to realise that the medial and final phonemes are just as important as the initial one in each word.With the use of synthetic phonics in the FongyPhonics books, each grapheme in each word is sounded out and blended so that synthetic phonics (reading) and analytic phonics (spelling) is taught in a systematic natural way. FongyPhonics progresses through the graphemes just as a swimmer practises strokes which, when they are put together, the swimmer becomes proficient in swimming. So, blending and introducing new graphemes which when blended with previously learnt graphemes helps the student to attack new words confidently.The FongyPhonics scheme is so structured that reading, spelling and fluency are mastered in each book so that confidence is built from the first book and the student is given the knowledge of phonic attack skills for lifetime learning.