What is FongyPhonics?

Phonics is blending the letter sounds together.
By building up, i.e. 'sounding out each letter and then blending the sounds together to say the new word' is to synthesise.

Blend the sounds  all-through-the-word

synthetic phonics (reading)

Breaking down the whole word

'say the word slowly'

hear the sounds all-through-the-word.

analytic phonics

Each letter or letter groups that make a sound is called a grapheme.

The sound of each grapheme is called a phoneme.

In synthetic phonics, the phonemes are blended to read.

The noun synthesis is the assembling of separate parts into a new form, so to read unknown words the student must be given the phonic attack skills for lifetime learning.

FongPhonics is based on the findings of the most up to date experimental research on beginning reading instruction. Research points decisively to the need for direct teaching of certain key skills in order to produce maximum reading success. An examination of how children are taught to read in English in primary schools reveals a large discrepancy between the methods currently used and those which research demonstrates are the most effective.

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