To whom I may concern,

My son entered Mr Nixon's reception class in September 1990. Immediately he was put on an intensive phonic programme where the knowledge of letter sounds to blend together to form words, was adopted.

This way of teaching reading meant that each sound in the words was taught so that the hearing of the sounds developed my son's auditory awareness. The spelling of the words was done alongside the blending. Over the 12 months in Mr Nixon's class my son developed skills in phonics that enabled him to attack unknown words.

A little while after my son left Mr Nixon's class we moved to Hereford. Three years later my son was having the spelling that he had already done in the reception class from Mr Nixon's phonics cards.

Mr Nixon now tells me that he has put these phonics cards into a series of books.

Yours sincerely,


Brenda Osbourne (Mrs)


To whom it may concern,

On the first day of my son entering the reception class he was given a phonics book in which he had to blend the letters e.g. n o t----not. On the first day he only had four letters to blend, (n,o,t,i.) to form different words. Each day he took a phonics book back to school where he was tested to see if he could blend the letters together to make the words as stated in his book. Each day he was also tested on his spellings of these words. Initially, he said each letter sound to spell each word which helped his auditory discrimination. No writing of these words was allowed until each child had followed a scheme of letter formation. My son still had not finished his letter formation when he went on to sh, ch, ay, ei, sounds etc. so his spellings were tested by using the computer. Each afternoon my son appeared with the printed sheet with ticks next to the correct spellings. This continual daily dose of phonics with continual feedback motivated my son to want to achieve and to want to read. Intensive phonics in his reception class meant that when free writing was attempted my son had a flying start. He was able to spell many words, write the letters correctly and unknown words he was able to make sensible attempts at.

Mr Nixon tells me that the phonics scheme my son was put on in the reception class has been put into a series of reading books which can also be downloaded via the internet. I highly recommend the series, if it is based on the scheme my son followed, which enabled him the achieve fluency in reading at an early age which then meant that his appetite for education was strengthened.

Yours Faithfully,


D. Hopley (Mrs)


David Nixon gained aa Distinction in the practice of teaching in 1971.